Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was

Tree Of Life
Tree Of Life artwork by ghawdottir
"Tree Of Life" artwork by ghawdottir

Forest Boy has been led by the Elven Souls of the Forest Knolls to the Tree Of Life, a gigantic ash tree that towers above all the other trees in the forest. The tree shines, is surrounded by buzzing bees attracted to its flowers, is attended by birdmen, and fills the air with an intoxicating fragrance, making Forest Boy a little dizzy. He also notices that the Tree Of Life is vibrating at such a frequency that he can feel it resonating in his bones and confusing his thoughts. Normally, anyone who comes near the Tree Of Life is torn apart by its vibrations, but Forest Boy feels himself naturally tune to the Tree, which is in the key of D. Once his body is in tune with the tree and his mind is clear, the bees and the birdmen allow Forest Boy to make his way to the Tree's trunk and begin to climb. There are ten very large petals that Forest Boy passes on his way to the top, which reveal to him the knowledge needed to confront the Druid. And from the treetop he is able to see the location of the Druid's sacred grove.

In the world of Hobbitozz, the Druid of the Wood is the one who gives the world its life (as he sleeps on his bed of light and the roots of his soul grow into the ground and provide sustenance to all living things on the planet), but the Tree Of Life exists outside the parameters of those laws or any other laws of nature for that matter. It is best suited for the sylvan landscape of Hobbitozz and thrives in such an environment, but it is believed that the Tree could exist on its own without even an earth to put down its roots, floating through space. One Hobbitozz creation myth has it that first there was the Tree Of Life, and from its roots grew the planet of Hobbitozz and then all its inhabitants, including the Druid of the Wood, whom the Tree chose to transfer its life-giving force, unloading the burden of sustaining the planet onto the Druid so that the Tree could concentrate on providing knowledge throughout the universe via its agent the Spirit Usher.

Symbolically the Tree Of Life in Hobbitozz is the Tree of Knowledge, the Cabalistic/Qabalistic Tree of Life, the phylogenetic tree, and the world tree, but with REPTIEL's own twist (vibrating at an unknown frequency, buzzing bees, birdmen tending to it, always growing, ever-branching, 10 petals, etc.). In the song, the sound the Tree Of Life makes is emulated during the instrumental break near the end with slide guitars, slide bass, and EBow.

In the sequel to Hobbitozz, (The Planet of) Progkp, we're introduced to the Man Who Played the Sound Waves, who is able to traverse spacetime by manipulating sound waves and turning them into light waves inside his mind, allowing him to travel throughout the Hobbitozz Universe. He periodically visits Hobbitozz to tune the Tree Of Life. Like Forest Boy, he can approach the Tree without being torn apart by the vibrations it makes. The need to tune the Tree Of Life is yet another indicator that something has has happened to the Druid of the Wood and he is failing in his efforts to provide life to Hobbitozz.
Nothing between thee and me
Contemplating shining tree
Context thick with buzzing bees
The ever-giving tree

As above and as below
This endless tree will always grow
The meaning to all that we know
The ever-teaching tree.

Tree – of – life
Tree – of – life

Every generation climbing higher
The ever-giving verdant spire
Each and every family
The all-embracing tree

Petals radiating ten
One through nine and over again
Attended by solemn birdmen
The ever-blooming tree

Tree – of – life
Tree – of – life

Intoxicating fragrance fled
To place that ached inside our heads
Soothed every single tear we shed
The all-protecting tree

Numerals and alphabet
Flower, fruit and epithet
A flailing giant’s true regret
The ever-branching tree

Tree – of – life
Tree – of – life

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