Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was

(Beware) The Woodland Witch
(Beware) The Woodland Witch artwork by Doug Welch
"(Beware) The Woodland Witch" artwork by Doug Welch

Once again the unseen spirits who are guiding Forest Boy through the world of Hobbitozz to an unknown destination sing to him. And this time it is a song of warning. Forest Boy would never have thought in the corner of Hobbitozz where he was reared that there would be such evil forces sharing this forest world with him.

The Woodland Witch in Hobbitozz is thought to have gained power and prominence during these darker times. The implication in the lyrics is that the Woodland Witch garners power by stealing the souls of unwary travelers who fall under her spell. In symbolic terms the Woodland Witch is a femme fatale archetype, which can further be deconstructed to represent a weakness that Forest Boy must overcome. The weakness is his natural desire, and this song is a warning to not give into these basic urges which would divert him from his destiny, which of course at this point is still unclear. But Forest Boy must suspect that the voices singing to him in the forest are guiding him for some higher purpose. To be seduced by the Woodland Witch is to relinquish one's soul to the comforts and whims of one's basic carnal desires. It is ultimately an easier thing to succumb than to abstain.

A main inspiration for the Woodland Witch was the character of Felurian in Patrick Rothfuss' The Kingkiller Chronicle Day 2: The Wise Man's Fear...
One of the magical Fae, Felurian is essentially considered the most beautiful and insatiable woman in the known worlds. She is described as having pale, smooth skin that shimmers in the moonlight...Due to Felurian's erotic disposition...she is best known for seduction of mortal men into the Fae. Here, she either kills them or drives them insane with excess of sexual debauchery. (from http://kingkiller.wikia.com/wiki/Felurian)
Yes, it's the old femme fatale archetype. Eve, Lilith and Morgan le Fay; the Sirens, Mohini, Jezebel, etc., in which the femme fatale is beautiful, sexual, supernatural, and deadly.
Beware the Woodland Witch
and all her evil tricks
she'll bid you quench your thirst
with a brew that’s cursed

Her hair is dark dirt brown
with leaves she's made a gown
a glimpse of her light skin
will make the world spin

Beware the Woodland Witch
there's blood upon her lips
from all those she has kissed
too many to list

Her eyes will stop you cold
Though fair, she’s ages old
She’ll lull you with her words
scatter like the birds

Beware the Woodland Witch
for once you're in her grip
you'll forget all you know
and forfeit your soul

Once in her lair

Her lair
Her lair
All is despair

Caught in her hair

Her hair
Her hair
Is everywhere

Vree where
Vree where
No light there

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