Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was
Hobbitozz album cover
The Hobbitozz Web site was created by Cubby Control Records founder and proprietor Brian Weaver to offer a broader view of the Hobbitozz universe as conceived by REPTIEL in their album Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was. REPTIEL sums up the album and its story as "a psychedelic prog rock fairy tale that takes place in a fantasy world somewhere between Middle Earth and the Land of Oz and relates the story of Forest Boy who awakens one morning to hear a bird singing to him that he must bury his father who has died in the night and begin a journey through the sylvan landscape of Hobbitozz to confront the roots of its demise and discover his destiny."

But the story and the world REPTIEL has created is larger than the songs on the album can describe. In Cubby Missalette #22: The Cubby Preachers Missalette, email exchanges between members of REPTIEL that occurred during the months they were conceptualizing the story and world of Hobbitozz were reprinted and provide insight into the mythology, literature, music and occult rituals that inspired and influenced the characters, story, and world of Hobbitozz. But the exchange represents the thoughts and discussions occurring during the creation of Hobbitozz, not the final realization.

This Web site provides complementary information along with the lyrics representing the final vision of the world of Hobbitozz. Additionally a number of different artists, were asked to create their own visual interpretations of a chosen song (or songs) from the album. The result is an illustrated and illuminated version of the album which can be viewed while streaming the songs.

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