Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was

The Druid of the Wood
The Druid of the Wood artwork by Anselm Yew
"The Druid of the Wood" artwork by Anselm Yew

Forest Boy waits until a moonless night, as instructed by the Tree Of Life, and finds his way to the Sacred Grove of the Druid of the Wood. He can see it from afar, as it is surrounded by light. As Forest Boy approaches the grove, he can see that the Druid himself is asleep on a bed of light. The Druid's body and surrounding vegetation are intertwined growing into each other, but Forest Boy can tell something is wrong. The nearby trees, plants and bushes are dried out, and the Druid himself breathes heavily.

From the deadwood of the trees, Forest Boy crafts a sharpened holy rood (a piece of wood in the shape of a cross), which he must use for the solemn sacrifice. Forest Boy learned from the Tree Of Life the ritual that must be performed. It is a blood sacrifice that will result in the Druid's soul entering Forest Boy. Without waking the Druid, Forest Boy must pierce the Druid's neck with his holy rood and drain the Druid of his blood. This will cause the Druid’s soul to exit his body and enter Forest Boy's. Forest Boy will then become the Druid of the Wood and restore Hobbitozz to its full verdure.

The end of this story is really only the beginning. An entity known as the Spirit Usher comes to Hobbitozz and takes the new Druid’s spirit through spacetime to another planet. What happens next will unfold in REPTIEL’s following album (The Planet of) Progkp.
The Druid of the Wood
knows the answer to life
deep in side his wood
surrounded by light

In the midst of this wood
the Druid's Grove there lies
a sacred place of old
seen only by a few eyes

Do you think you could
avoid his eyes so white
Do you think you would
withstand his glare so bright

If you think you should
know the answer to life
enter this sacred wood
in darkest dead of night

Not even moonlight should
shine on this blackish night
Find the Druid of the Wood
sleeping on a bed of light

The Druid of the Wood
Knows he must sacrifice
His life for the greater good
And release his breath this night

His soul is in these woods
The trees, the land, all life
To save this world he should
Let the child take his light

If you think you could
Fulfill what’s prophesied
Break not a twig of wood
Near where the Druid lies

With stake of sharp deadwood
Perform this sacred rite
Thrust the holy rood
Into his throat forthright

Bleed dry the Druid’s blood
And see his dimming light
Depart his lifeless bod
Encircling you aright

His soul now enters you
illuminate pure light
The grove in this wood
Your home for all of time

You’re the Druid of the Wood
The answer to your life
Your soul is now the root
Of all that lives in sight

The Druid of the Wood
knows the answer to life
deep inside his wood
surrounded by light

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