Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was

Near and Far
Near and Far artwork by Sean Chiki
“Near and Far” artwork by Sean Chiki

In “Near and Far” Forest Boy is being sung to by the spirits of Hobbitozz (referred to previously in the song “Hobbitozz ... The Land That Never Was”). Perhaps Forest Boy hears their song and the lyrics along with the wind through the trees as he wanders in an easterly direction through the forest.

Forest Boy is receiving advice in the first verse about how best to interact with the forest world inhabitants. And in the second verse he's being told that he is not walking aimlessly, but that he is on a journey to “seek and find," and that when he has found what he has “sought for, seek no more.”

Also there is a rare mention of time in this song, at the end of the second verse: “Soon as moon brings on the night, end is nigh.” The first mention of time is in the song “Forest Boy,” in which the bird tells Forest Boy that with the death of his father, winter has come early, and when he finishes mourning, “come the spring, begin your journey.” The implication could be that between the songs “Forest Boy” and "Near and Far,” a season has passed, but between “Near and Far” and the end of Forest Boy's journey is the time it takes for the moon to bring on night (or for the full moon to appear). More ominously, it could be that Forest Boy is being told that when the full moon makes its first appearance, the end of the Hobbitozz is very near. This could be a hint to Forest Boy that his world is in danger of being destroyed or that it is dying, which could add a bit more significance to his journey.
When they ask you how you are
say I'm fine

If they show you what is yours
say it's mine

When they ask you where you were
say right here

If they show you who's your god
he is near

He is near
Very near

As you wander near and far
seek and find

When you find what you sought for
seek no more

Day is long as day is young
measured time

Soon as moon brings on the night
end is nigh

The end is nigh
Very nigh

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