Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was
(The Planet of) Progkp

The Planet of Progkp
In which...

The Spirit Usher comes to usher the spirit of Forest Boy/the Druid of the Wood, who is become "Sine," from Hobbitozz to the planet of Progkp. Along the way, through space and time, it is apparent the laws of physics and Relativity/Deranged. The Spirit Usher warns Sine of The Shadow People, who inhabit the dark matter of space, and whose existence defies understanding, and contemplation of which could destroy one's mind. The Spirit Usher and Sine arrive on Progkp, and It's a World unlike any other, where shadows reign and the sun has set forever. In the first of three tests, the Spirit Usher takes Sine down to sea level in attempt to persuade him to See Level. For the second test, the Spirit Usher attempts to persuade Sine to think like her, be like her, see like her, and live like her in order to have Clarity, Clarity. Sine, in a moment of weakness, begins Longing for his life on Hobbitozz, when his mother and father were still alive. In an effort to pull Sine out of his nostalgic funk, the Spirit Usher introduces Sine to an inhabitant of Progkp, one whom Sine might know from Hobbitozz, The Man Who Played the Sound Waves, who tends the Tree Of Life on Hobbitozz, making sure it is in tune. The Man Who Played the Sound Waves explains how one can turn sound into light and travel through space and time. He also encourages Sine to Feel the Atoms, tells him There Is a Star in Your Mind, and that The Cosmos of Your Mind Is Expanding. Sine arrives at a structure constructed from the Hallowed Bones of the Alien Elven Souls (The Temple of the Avian Aliens). It is a temple the ancient Progkpians built to honor the beings they thought were gods who landed on their planet and then died shortly thereafter, but not before providing the Progkpians with knowledge of how to survive their dying planet (which as we will find out in the next album, was to burrow into the planet itself.) Sine enters the temple and undergoes his third and final test — an initiation, conducted by the Alien Elven Souls, in which Sine becomes Aleph Adept. Having passed through the first series tests which strengthen his mind so that he can restore and provide life to the world of Hobbitozz via the body of The Druid of the Wood, Sine is sent off by The Spirit Usher, The Man Who Played the Sound Waves, and the Alien Elven Souls from Progkp to his next trial (which turns out to be inside the planet, known as Down Below World, where the Progkpians fled centuries ago to escape the atmosphere which had become toxic.)

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